TNK FLEX Task Seating – Medium Backrest – White Frame


“A chair that intuitavely meets the needs of the user, exhibiting the competency to anticipate the kinetics of the human body and adapt its structura accordingly”. Marcelo Alegre, Alegre Design.


Technical Specifications

TNK FLEX White Frame, tex medium back and upholstered seat M-Melange, White 3D Polipropylene Arms, pur arm rest, White Aluminium Base, Label Holder, Standard Castors.



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TNK FLEX your second skin

TNK Flex provides two fundamental developments aimed at revolutionizing office furniture at Actiu: an ergonomic design that is based on both the support and interaction of the user.

The intelligent backrest of TNK Flex has been perfectly engineered to entrench this chair in the forefront of office chair designs. The automatic orbiting pivot reverts the chair back to its original position without the user having to manually activate any mechanism.

ADAPTABLE backrest
The supportive seating structure stems from the adaptable backrest (height, inclination, torque), granting the complete freedom of movement, while synchronously maintaining the correct ergonomic posture at all times.

INTENSIVE USE certificate
TNK Flex uses the technological platform from the TNK Collection, providing a unique and timeless design. Its performance is also certified for an intensive use of 24 hours a day.

TNK FLEX Task Seating - Medium Backrest - White Frame

An inspired palette of warm colors helps the highly technical design achieve a timeless look.

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Seat Upholstered

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